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Ronald Dorenbos, Director & Founder

Ronald Dorenbos studied Molecular Biology and 
Biotechnology in the Netherlands and obtained his PhD in Pharmaceutical Biology with Professors Jan Maarten van Dijl and Wim Quax at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands. After a Postdoc with Bullard Professor Elio Raviola at the Neurobiology Department of Harvard Medical School in Boston he continued as consultant and project manager at companies including Munevar & Associates Inc., RXi Pharmaceuticals Inc., Polytherics Ltd, and Cyclofluidic Ltd. He is founder of the ‘Golden Triangle Biotech’, ‘Boston Biotech’ and 'Small Molecules' groups on LinkedIn and in 2011 founded BioFrontline Ltd to help life science companies, institutes and Governments with consultation, project management, and business development. He can be contacted at RonaldDorenbos@BioFrontline.com. For more information see Ronald Dorenbos on LinkedIn.


The team is further assembled from a large network of consultants, experts and industry professionals, depending on the project and the kind of expertise needed. Team members are carefully selected to best serve the needs of the project and to reach optimal results within the shortest timeframe.

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